How to Choose a Disco
or Karaoke Supplier

We have put together this page to provide you with important information you need to be aware of when choosing a disco or karaoke supplier suitable for your event.

The first thing to say is that discos, karaokes and DJs are not all the same. In fact, the differences between different suppliers and individual DJs can be vast. The impact these services have on an event can be huge, in either a positive or negative way. It is therefore worth doing your homework on the industry and the different suppliers to make sure you are able to make an informed decision.

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Legal, Safe and Insured

It is vital that you ensure whoever you book is insured and has electrically PAT tested equipment. They may also require a Produb licence. You can read all about these important areas and why they are important to you by clicking the bold links above or the relevant links on the left hand side of the page.

Ensuring your supplier meets these requirements is a great start as this is an indication that they take their business and obligations seriously.

Looking for membership of a recognised trade association, such as the National Association of DJs, is also an indicaton of a professional business. Such associations have set standards and requirements that members should work to.

Don't Choose The Cheapest

As with most things you do tend to get what you pay for in this industry. Basing your decision on price alone is a surefire recipe for disappointment. There is always a reason why somebody is cheap. Leaving it until they are performing at your event is too late to find out why.

Common reasons for someone offering a very cheap price can include the following:-

- Uninsured and non-PAT tested equipment
- Cheap, poor quality equipment
- Inexperienced and unprofessional DJ
- Illegal and unlicenced music or backing tracks
- Out-of-date and poor range of music or karaoke tracks
- Unprofessional customer service
- Let people down, sometimes at the last minute

Needless to say, you will want to avoid all of the above when planning an important event such as a birthday party, corporate function or wedding reception.

With advances in technology, dubious internet sites and illegal practices, it has become possible for anybody to purchase a cheap laptop full of illegal music, purchase some cheap equipment and call themselves a professional DJ. A cheap price is your first indicator and should prompt you to ask questions based on the information we're providing on this page.

Look For Recommendations

Without doubt, the best way to choose your disco and karaoke provider is through recommendation from friends, family or previous satisfied customers.

Look out for suppliers with numerous, genuine, recent and positive customer reviews and photos of their events. This is a great indication that they are working regularly and providing a great service.

Professional Image, Marketing and Contact Details

A professional business image, website and other marketing materials are great indicators of a professional business taking pride in the services they provide.

Also look out for a variety of contact methods rather than just a mobile phone number. A freephone or low-rate number, an email address, an online contact form and a physical address are all good indicators.

Experience Of Similar Events

In addition to ensuring your supplier has many years of experience in the entertainments industry, it is worth asking them about their experience of similar events to yours with the age groups expected and their knowledge of the music genres and eras that you require.

If you require your DJ to make announcements and to act as MC for your event then it is worth asking them about the experience they have in this area. Some DJs are used to hiding behind their equipment and saying very little, with the few comments they do make being bearly intelligible. Others may be the complete opposite and so full of themselves they won't shut up! It is too late to do anything about this once they are at your event.


Always make sure that your supplier is aware of the type and size of venue that you have selected and the number of guests expected and check that they will provide suitable sound and lighting equipment.

If your supplier does not ask for these details then treat that as a warning sign and start asking questions.

Other Important Considerations

A list of other important considerations when choosing your disco or karaoke supplier follow:-

- Always get written confirmation of your booking
- A full contract with terms and conditions is best
- Look for professional and timely customer service
- Look for a tailored service to your requirements
- Are they open to playlists and requests?
- Is backup equipment carried in case of faults?

Karaoke Specific:-

- Is their karaoke selection good enough for you?
- Can you view their karaoke selection beforehand?
- Are they experienced mixing karaoke and disco?
- Is their karaoke equipment professional?
- How many screens and microphones are provided?
- How many karaoke books are there?
- Are the books well maintained?
- Are the books ordered by at least artist and song title?
- Is your DJ a competent singer with good MC experience?

A Quick Word About Agencies

It is important to realise that not all agencies work in the same way and there are typically two types of agency.

The first type may recruit any DJ who happens to be in the local area and meets the basic criteria of having insurance. They may never have met or experienced this DJ at work and actually know very little about them. As long as they get your booking and their cut of the money they will be happy, whether or not your DJ is a success at your event.

The second type of agency will be focussed on quality and take a personal interest in all of their DJs to ensure they provide a professional service suitable for your event.

If you are booking with an agency, ask about the specific DJ who will be attending your event and ask about the various details mentioned on this page. If you begin to suspect you are dealing with the first type of agency mentioned above, then look elsewhere.

Any Questions?

We hope the information provided on this page helps you to understand the disco and karaoke industry a little better and enables you to make an informed choice regarding your disco and karaoke supplier. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. Thank you.